Access Technologies Brings Full Coverage Wifi and Security to Colorado Schools

At Access Technologies, we believe you can’t talk about experience without providing examples. Our team of expert IT and security consultants understands the importance of letting success speak for itself. With a roster full of happy clients covering a wide range of markets and industries, it’s hard to pick our favorites. Instead, we’ve decided to highlight some of the projects we believe best reflect what we do, and how our unique combination of skills, knowledge, and experience can help you transform your organization.

The Company
Bennett School District, Bennett, CO
Located in one square block comprised of a grammar school, middle school, and high school, the Bennett School District aims to provide exceptional education in a safe and supportive environment.  

The Challenge
Enhance Security and Improve Campus Connectivity
With the goal of providing reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi access to all students and staff, the Bennett School District needed to upgrade their system and overhaul security, all within a tight budget.   

The Solution
Upgrades and Installations
After performing an in-depth analysis of the district’s wireless needs, Access Technologies conducted an onsite assessment to determine how to provide the district with comprehensive Wi-Fi. During the initial evaluation, Access Technologies determined the district needed a thorough overhaul of their antiquated onsite and online security as well. The Access Technologies team then proposed a series of upgrades that could be incorporated into the Wi-Fi project, providing enhanced security while still operating within the district’s budgetary restrictions.  

The Story
Full Coverage
Located about 25 miles east of Denver, Bennett, Colorado provides its almost 2500 residents with small town living in the shadow of the state’s magnificent Rocky Mountains. The Bennett School District serves approximately 317 students, with its grammar school, middle school, and high school all situated within one city block. Though the district’s schools sit in close proximity to each other, the buildings’ cinder block construction and layout made providing consistent Wi-Fi services an ongoing challenge. 

In 2015, Access Technologies began working on a comprehensive broadband wireless solution capable of providing full coverage throughout the district’s three campuses. After an initial assessment of the location, Access Technologies provided the district with a comprehensive Wi-Fi development plan that included all necessary materials as well as an installation strategy easily deployed by the district’s own IT department. 

Heightened Security
During Access Technologies’ preliminary evaluation of the district’s wireless system, it became clear that the site’s antiquated security was also in need of a major upgrade. After troubleshooting with the district, Access Technologies consultants were able to devise a solution that allowed the district to include both the latest cybersecurity protocols as well as physical security measures, all while staying within the project’s tight budget. Through the installation of over 50 cameras, along with a system-wide integration of the burglar alarm system already in place, Access Technologies was able to provide maximum coverage for the district’s three campuses. 

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