Access Technologies Helps Local Firm Achieve Compliance

At Access Technologies, we believe you can’t talk about experience without providing examples. Our team of expert IT and security consultants understands the importance of letting success speak for itself. With a roster full of happy clients covering a wide range of markets and industries, it’s hard to pick our favorites. Instead, we’ve decided to highlight some of the projects we believe best reflect what we do, and how our unique combination of skills, knowledge, and experience can help you transform your organization. 

The Company
Structural Engineering Firm, Albuquerque, NM  

The Challenge
Achieve Compliance and Improve Productivity 

After receiving a licensing audit request from Microsoft, this small design and engineering firm needed to bring their current network into licensing compliance while also addressing some of the slowdowns and lags they were currently experiencing during their CAD software utilization.   

The Solution
Dynamic Resource Allocation 

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the firm’s software usage and network resources, Access Technologies performed an onsite assessment to determine how to bring the company into compliance while also improving network performance. After installing properly licensed software, Access Technologies consultants completed a series of diagnostics to provide the firm with a budget-friendly strategy to enhance CAD performance and increase productivity. The design and installation of a new network architecture allowed the firm to operate at a much higher bandwidth while also utilizing desktop virtualization software for faster CAD launch.  

The Story
Glitch in the Network 

An Albuquerque structural engineering firm unexpectedly found itself in the crosshairs of a Microsoft software audit after standard IP monitoring revealed the company was exceeding its number of licensed users. After an initial investigation, the firm realized its current IT provider had eschewed normal protocols by installing the Microsoft software on too many machines. Additionally, the business discovered much of the equipment billed as new by its existing IT provider was actually refurbished and not able to meet all of the company’s computing needs.  

Appraisals and Inventories 

The first step for Access Technologies involved installing correctly licensed software into the firm’s workstations so the company could satisfy the Microsoft audit. Next, Access Technologies consultants assessed the company’s network resources to determine the source of its poor CAD software performance.  

Though the CAD software does require substantial resources to run effectively, Access Technologies was able to improve overall performance with the incorporation of a high-end Dell server optimized for video performance and outfitted with NVIDIA DSP cards and VMware virtualization software. VMware Horizon Virtualization software allows the firm’s engineers to launch the CAD software from the server rather than at each individual workstation, thereby significantly reducing software launch times and improving workflows.   

After the system overhaul, Access Technologies continues to provide the firm with monitoring and maintenance service as well as backup help desk support to supplement the firm’s onsite IT department. 

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