Access Technologies Upgrades Physical Security for Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

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The Company 

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Fort Defiance, AZ
Over the last 58 years, the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) has provided electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, solar energy, and communication services for the Navajo Nation. As the largest multi-utility enterprise owned by a Native American tribe, the NTUA serves approximately 41,259 electric customers; 39,323 water customers; 14,105 wastewater customers; 7,929 natural gas customers; and 205 photovoltaic customers residing in 27,000 square miles of the Navajo Nation spread out across northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southeastern Utah.  

The Challenge 

Physical Security for Remote Locations
With critical infrastructure located in remote areas of the Navajo Nation, the NTUA struggled to keep its onsite facilities safe and secure. The planned addition of a massive, technologically advanced data center required a responsive and proactive project partner. Increasingly dissatisfied with their previous systems provider, the NTUA made the switch to Access Technologies.  

The Solution 

Interactive Surveillance
During the initial phases of the project, Access Technologies began with a preliminary assessment. Consultants first worked with the NTUA to identify some basic security standards and then set about designing a strategy to improve and modernize the current security infrastructure, including an enterprise system with centralized management for real-time monitoring, comprehensive video surveillance, and two-way audio capabilities. With the installation and integration process complete, Access Technologies continues to provide the NTUA with monitoring and management services for ongoing, responsive project management. 

The Story 

A Remote Landscape
The Navajo Nation covers an enormous portion of the southwest, with more than 300,000 residents spread out across three states. As a result, the NTUA’s infrastructure extends to the most remote sections of the nation’s territory, making onsite security tough to manage and maintain. The NTUA’s facilities include a headquarters, multiple district offices, far-flung substations, water and wastewater treatment plants, and a new data center. With the addition of the Tier 3 data center, the NTUA can now provide last mile-middle mile broadband fiber/wireless internet to its customers. In addition to fiber optic network connectivity, the data center comes outfitted with fully redundant power and the latest in environmental controls.  

State-of-the-Art Defenses
When the NTUA tapped Access Technologies for help with the data center, an integral part of the project involved the integration of state-of-the-art surveillance. During the initial project assessment, Access Technologies consultants surveyed the entire NTUA infrastructure to ascertain all of their security needs, including establishing primary goals and working within the confines of a strict budget. 

Proactive Security
Because the existing security system was antiquated and unable to meet the NTUA’s needs, Access Technologies suggested a centralized management and awareness solution including two-way communication and real-time surveillance. Access Technologies consultants outfitted the data center with the latest in biometric security, including Bio Scan and badged access, as well as 24-hour camera surveillance throughout the building and compound. While collaborating with NTUA on the project, it became clear that the entire NTUA infrastructure was in desperate need of a security upgrade. As a result, several more onsite camera surveillance systems were dispatched throughout the NTUA’s facilities, many of which are capable of two-way communication so that NTUA security staff can interact with potential trespassers to stop vandalism and other nefarious actions before they start.  

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