Dangers of Unsecure Email

Any time that a business or individual engages in data communication, that person runs the risk of having problems. Many risks arise when a business uses unsecure email accounts to communicate with the world. In fact, a bad security breach in the email system can cause a company to experience data communication issues that are difficult to recover from. Just a few things that can happen to the business are:

Customer Information Breaches

One of the most common data communication problems that can occur when a company does not use secure emails is that hackers can get access to important customer information. Taking advantages of a program from Access Technologies can cut down the instances of such breaches.

Virus and Malware Infestation
Another harm that can come to businesses in the midst of unsecure data connections is the introduction of malware and viruses. Virus creators are out there, and some of them send viruses to businesses just because it makes them feel accomplished. Viruses can destroy business operations and cause the firm to lose a lot of money. Malware is a group of mischievous programs that can cause the business to lose money, as well.

Spam and Unwanted Advertisements
Spam is one of the biggest problem within the realm of data communication that exists. It exists because millions of people are involved in affiliate marketing and other schemes in which they have to send other people ads to earn money. A spam bomb can interrupt normal employee-to-employee communication within the company, and it can ruin incoming emails from customers. Spam can cause the inbox watcher to lose important information. Losing emails can cause business dealings to fail before they even occur. It can make customers lose faith in the organization. Taking action by using a secure hosted email exchange like the one Access Technologies provides is the best way to combat the lack of protection.