Digital Signage: Advertising for the Future

Digital signage is used to advertise and build awareness of products. Unlike print signs, digital signage can be changed remotely and almost instantly. Images and text is displayed using LED or LCD monitors, but there are some digital signs that use projection.

The signs can be connected to the internet in order to change advertising at a moment’s notice. It’s a tool that can be used to interact with customers and act as entertainment when sales associates or employees are busy with other customers.

Encourages Spending by Influencing Purchasing Decisions
When your customers have a better shopping experience, they’ll spend more money. Digital signs promote deals and sales in the moment. Instead of planning for a month and having signs printed, you can have impulsive sales based on the current climate in the store. Customers make their purchasing decision in the moment. They may be attracted to the store by advertising or other factors, but in the store itself, a stunning digital display can be a powerful influence.

Dayparting Schedule for a Changing Audience
In radio and television broadcasting, there are different types of programming based on the time of day. It’s geared towards a demographic of the audience like daytime talk shows, which are often geared towards at-home moms. Daypart scheduling can be a large part of a company’s advertising when they’re able to change signage based on the time of day and the customer. For example, a gas station convenience store can have deals on coffee in the morning for commuters while they could change that in the afternoon to water and snacks for soccer moms headed to kid’s activities.

Creates Convenience for the Customer
Digital monitors connected to the Internet can allow customers to have instant access to news feeds, weather updates and video sites like YouTube. One of our digital monitors in a dentist’s office might show a personalized channel for news related to oral hygiene. It’s easily updated with a few clicks of a mouse button. Interactive displays can provide ways for the customer to check themselves out or shop online for their convenience. They could look up prices in other locations or check to see if an item is in stock.

Digital signs bring businesses into the current technologically-savvy world where the customer wants convenience and instant shopping experiences.