Educational Software and Security Services

Managing infrastructure and physical security for educational institutions of all sizes.

Tech Solutions

Technology for Education

Improve communication and keep students, faculty, and staff connected with wireless technology and cloud computing solutions specifically designed to fit the needs and challenges of elementary schools, colleges, and other education providers.

Collaborate and Communicate

Leverage the power and accessibility of video conferencing for testing procedures, remote learning, and collaboration between students and faculty. Enable videoconference meetings so that participants can communicate regardless of their physical location. Encourage cooperation and provide greater flexibility with wireless technology and cloud computing for centralized data storage and accessibility.

Enhance Your Security

Monitor all entrances, and stay notified of unwanted intruders, theft, or vandalism with Access Control, a full cross-platform modular access control solution that includes video surveillance, keyless entry, and cellphone credentialing, an ergonomic user-interface, and cloud-based controls. Use digital signage to immediately post alerts around campus to instantly notify students and faculty of fire drills, evacuations, or other emergencies. With our cloud-based controls, you can send alerts to students, teachers, and parents, by text message, phone call, or email.

Protect Critical Data

Store, share, and access sensitive data and important information with a high-quality, secure connection, subject to 24/7 monitoring and all the latest in cyber security and network protection.

Connect Your Campus

With a whole host of wireless options, create a secure network across your property with Wi-Fi enable hotspots anywhere on campus. No matter what your school’s wireless needs may be, Access Technologies can design and install a customized cloud-based system  to keep your campus connected.

Size Matters

Our consultants work with clients of every size in all areas of the country. We understand small organizations support different objectives and face different challenges than their larger counterparts. That’s why we supply scalable IT solutions able to adapt to a variety of situations. We know that when it comes to technology, one size does not fit all, and our skilled and experienced technicians and consultants will work with you to make sure your system is the right fit.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Expert Implementation

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best products and services to fit your needs and you budget, our team begins with a comprehensive evaluation and implantation process.

We start by evaluating your current system, including hardware, software and services, and develop an implementation strategy focused on providing reliable, optimized IT services.

Through our partnerships with industry leaders, we leverage our skills and experience to design a robust, responsive and reliable system and service plan. Using advanced project management techniques, our highly trained and licensed installation teams work to ensure all aspects of your system implementation run smoothly, to deliver the promised solution on time and on budget.

Access Technologies is SPA and E-Rate certified, and because our consultants work with schools and universities across the country, we know first hand how to build an IT solution to address your specific needs and challenges.

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