How File Sync Has Changed the Workplace

File sync has drastically changed how we work. Now your employees can collaborate on projects at any time, from anywhere. Access Technologies’ user friendly File Sync solutions are a great fit for small to medium sized business that want to streamline the way they work. Convenience

Access Technologies’ File Sync allows you to sync your files to your mobile device, your laptop, or your desktop computer at home. You never have to worry about going on a business trip and forgetting an important file. The convenience that our File Sync offers is invaluable to any professional.

Access Technologies’ File Sync solutions let you set up shared folders that can be accessed by your team. No more email attachments or confusion about which version is the most recent. You and your employees can work together easily, and as a result, be more productive!

While Dropbox and other consumer grade file sync services may have appealing and friendly user interfaces, they are lacking in security capabilities. Your IT department cannot encrypt data, lock files for collaborative editing, set granular permissions or see who’s access which files. Trusting your confidential data to a consumer grade file sharing service is setting yourself up for a disastrous data breach! At Access Technologies, we stand by our solutions. Our File Sync and cloud storage system delivers unparalleled security.

At Access Technologies, we specialize in crafting custom technology solutions designed to fit the needs of each client. If your small or medium sized business could benefit from a secure, collaborative, convenient file sync service, call us today! We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation!