Products and Services

You don’t just need the hardware; you need to begin with the right technology solution.


Adapt and thrive in the quickly evolving world of security and wireless systems.

Integrated IT Solutions
Make IT management and network oversight easy and effective with one integrated platform. As leaders in the quickly evolving world of data security and wireless networks, Access Technologies can help you consolidate operations for improved efficiency, increased profits and enhanced security.

Comprehensive Service
We know the systems, and we can install, monitor and manage your network remotely and onsite. Access Technologies provides IT solutions for small businesses, government, education, and utilities.

Small Businesses gain complete managed services with an outsourced IT department that can reduce overhead, boost products, and improve productivity.

Education providers can implement long distance learning and improve interdepartmental and campus-wide communications with wireless technology, digital signage, and a cutting-edge network system developed specifically for educators.

City, state, Tribal and federal agencies increase physical security with access controls and video surveillance along with wireless services, data security, and digital signage.

Utilities meet evolving NERC CIP requirements, while gaining expert support for data and SCADA communications.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Expert Implementation
As part of our commitment to providing you with the best products and services to fit your needs and your budget, our team begins with a comprehensive evaluation and implementation process.

We start by evaluating your current system, including hardware, software, and services, and develop an implementation strategy focused on providing reliable, optimized IT services.

Through our partnerships with industry leaders, we leverage our skills and experience to design a robust, responsive and reliable system and service plan. Using advanced project management techniques, our highly trained and licensed installation teams work to ensure all aspects of your system implementation run smoothly, to deliver the promised solution on time and on budget.

Once you’re up and running, our network management services can monitor and analyze your system, generate periodic reports and ensure the health of your network.

Full-Service Provider

IT Services: Increase productivity, protect your network and improve your bottom line with full-scale IT services designed to optimize operations and streamline processes and procedures.

Cloud Services: Consolidate all your critical information into one integrated database hosted in the cloud.

Wireless Services: Manage all components of your Wi-Fi and wireless service with turnkey system integration, infrastructure monitoring, alerting and reporting service.

Communication Services: Leverage the power and accessibility of video conferencing for testing procedures and meetings so that participants can communicate regardless of their physical location.

Physical Security Services: Safeguard your facility with the latest in infrastructure monitoring technology, video surveillance, and access controls.