Protect Your Organization with Access Controls

If you own a business or work for an organization that frequently handles sensitive information, protecting your data and your physical workplace is likely top of mind. Investing in a high quality surveillance system is imperative to keeping your assets and employees secure, but Access Technologies wants you to know that there are more defensive methods you can employ to protect your business before a security breach takes place. One of the most effective ways to defend against potential threats it to take advantage of Access Technologies’ IP based keyless entrance access control systems. Controlling access to proprietary information and restricted areas within your organization prevents sensitive data from falling in to the wrong hands. The solutions that Access Technologies offers are convenient, cost effective, and provide best in class protection.

Manage from any computer
Access Technologies’ remote keyed entry locks offer controlled access to designated locations within your organization. You can program each key to open specific locks at specific times. Authorization settings can be managed through web based software, making this a convenient option.

No overhead costs associated with changing physical locks
Changing physical locks can be costly, and replacing keys for your entire staff can be inconvenient. Using our security locks however, you never have to change your locks. If a key is ever lost, it can be deactivated and a new one can be issued. No worrying about lost or stolen keys. If an employee quits, their key can be disabled instantly, exposing your company to far less risk than traditional keys.

Superior security
Each lock has scheduling capabilities, allowing you to restrict access to an area based on the time of day. Additionally, Access Technologies’ locks record entry and exit times, so you know exactly what’s going on within your organization at all times. If you’re interested in this product for your business, educational institute, or government organization, contact Access Technologies today. We will be happy to provide a no obligation assessment of your current security infrastructure and offer a professional recommendation for how to best keep your data and assets safe.