Open Options – Providing Access Control Security for Schools

With the recent headlines concerning violent incidents in schools, it’s understandable that educators, parents and the general public would be concerned about school security.  Access Technologies works with leading hardware and software suppliers including Open Option’s DNA Fusion to provide physical access control solutions to schools and school districts across the Southwest. We’ve listed a few below.

  • New Mexico Youth Challenge Academy
  • New Mexico Tech
  • United World College
  • West Las Vegas School District
  • Swink School District
  • Bennett School District
  • New Mexico Highlands University


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Access Technologies Makes it easy for schools to integrate their security systems with existing computer networks. With our systems, there is no need to key in 500 separate employees. External databases can be seamlessly integrated for initial setup and ongoing operations for swipe card entry, time cards and similar personnel functions. For more information on how physical access control using DNA Fusion software and equipment, click here to read the full article.

Access Technologies can develop software based physical security solutions for schools ranging from preschool to higher education. Our experts have the experience and products to bring the latest in physical school security technology. Give us a call for an assessment of your physical security needs.

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