Ransomware: Pay Up or Else

The FBI says, “pay up”. According to a recent article on CNET.com, when faced with data loss from Ransomware, the Federal Bureau of Investigations Cyber and Counterintelligence Program is recommending that companies consider paying the “ransom” asked for by hackers.


That shouldn’t be your company and Access Technologies (ATI) is here to help. ATI has noticed the Internet is heating up with searches related to this major security issue. As indicated by the graph above from Google Trends Explore, worldwide searches for the term, “ransomware” have seen as staggering increase in web traffic. Related searches indicate that “ransomware removal” indexes at approximately 85% of the peak seen in March of 2016. Interestingly, a large portion of those searches are happening right here in our own backyard—in New Mexico.

According to Tim Gorman, Vice President of ATI, “the solution for ransomware attacks is preparation and closely followed protocols that should not be overlooked or brushed aside.”

  • Don’t open e-mails from unidentified individuals
  • Don’t click on links inside of e-mails that you cannot confirm
  • Be aware of phishing scams
  • Invest in a robust anti-virus solution
  • Commit to secured and off-site backups

Some of these solutions are common sense activities that can be implemented by company owners and IT managers. However, security and backup options are varied and require a managed solution that’s scaled to your business activity. Access Technologies’ business continuity plans offer many benefits not available with typical local backup and security processes, like automated background security and data backups, anytime/anywhere access, and no capital investments.

For solutions that keep your complex business operations up and running in an ever-changing cyber world, contact Access Technologies for a no-obligation consultation.