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Using technology to help small businesses manage their growth and stay secure.

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IT Solutions for Small Business Owners

Access Technologies offers comprehensive IT solutions specifically designed for small business owners. We specialize in delivering quality customer service, and economical IT solutions with an unparalleled level of flexibility and expertise.

Decrease Downtime and Increase Profits
Eliminate the need for costly equipment maintenance, and reduce overhead, with a managed IT services solution designed to fit your business as it grows. Mitigate the risk of data loss or cyber attacks by taking advantage of the latest security measures, with a secure, centralized database scalable to your individual business needs.

Consolidate Operations
Bring together your entire IT infrastructure and support functions under one roof with an experienced managed service provider. Ditch your piecemeal computer and communication infrastructure for one integrated IT system that combines the ease and functionality of online access, with top-notch security, and the latest in wireless and Wi-Fi services.

Bring Employees Together
Provide real-time access online from any device through one online database. Increase efficiency, and streamline workflows by storing your critical data and documents online. Connect remote staff, and take advantage of top-notch network security with a single, consolidated database hosted in the cloud.

We know how to incorporate the latest technology to create a compelling ROI for your bottom line.

Customize Your System
Choose the best IT solution for your organization’s size and workflow requirements by tapping into a wide-range of small business solutions, ranging from Cloud services to physical security. Pick only the services and products you need to create a lean, streamlined operation to enhance productivity, grow profits, and manage expenses.

Boost Performance
Our technical staff will work with you to determine exactly which products and services will help you optimize your business operations. We can help design and install the right system for your needs, and provide you with ongoing management and upgrades, so that your IT infrastructure is never underperforming or out-of-date.

Enhance Your Security
Monitor all entrances, and stay notified of unwanted intruders, theft, or vandalism, with Access Control, a full cross-platform modular access control solution that includes video surveillance, remote car readers, keyless entry, and video surveillance. Make the most of our enhanced security services, including cell phone credentialing, an ergonomic user-interface, and cloud-based controls. Use digital signage to immediately post alerts around campus to instantly notify staff of fire drills, evacuations, or other emergencies. With our cloud-based controls, you can send alerts to staff by text message, phone call, or email.

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Comprehensive Evaluation and Expert Implementation
As part of our commitment to providing you with the best products and services to fit your needs and your budget, our team begins with a comprehensive evaluation and implementation process.

We start by evaluating your current system, including hardware, software, and services, and develop an implementation strategy focused on providing reliable, optimized IT services.

Through our partnerships with industry leaders, we leverage our skills and experience to design a robust, responsive, and reliable system and service plan. Using advanced project management techniques, our highly trained and licensed installation teams work to ensure all aspects of your system implementation run smoothly, to deliver the promised solution on time and on budget.

Expert Solutions
We’ve helped a range of small businesses discover the power of switching to a managed service provider for cloud storage, Wi-Fi, wireless networking, communication services, and physical security. From video conferencing to a hosted email exchange, we know how to incorporate the latest technology to create a compelling ROI for your bottom line.

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