The Internet of things: Reaching out to Industry

“The Internet of Things” (IoT) has been in existence for many years. Generally, it describes the functionality of machines that are connected to computers. For example, in the simplest sense, it can describe the connectivity between your computer and printer.


For Access Technologies, IoT defines a fundamental shift in the networking and communication of physical machines or devices to a vast array of sensors and other recording devices. For the industries we serve, it now means that information gathered by sensors is immediately analyzed and processed. To what end, you might ask? Access Technologies has been connecting sensors to machines for many years, but now the scale and functionality of these networks and interoperability cannot be ignored. Imagine machine sensor and actuator data physically linked through a network, where that data allows machines to take self-corrective measures to avoid costly shutdowns. Or, in real-time, a multitude of sensors tracking data that flows into software applications, allowing for immediate action on the part of the operator—or computing systems that evaluate data for hands-free response.

According to a recent white paper released by Intel, “…The challenge will be not just to gather and secure data from a hugely diverse range of sources, but also to make sense of a wide variety of structured and unstructured formats.” Access Technologies’ expertise is connecting-the-dots and bringing manufactures and utilities online with dependable sensor arrays, data flow, and analytics to process the data. Contact us today for a complete evaluation of your data-flow— and how to turn the corner with the Internet of Things.