71% of cyber-attacks target businesses with fewer than 100 employees according to the US House Committee on Small Business.



The media reports almost daily about large corporations being “hacked” and “millions of records” being stolen. With this kind of attention, it’s easy for managers and owners of smaller companies to think they’re not going to be the target of cyber-attacks.

The reality, however, is that 71% of cyber-attacks target businesses with fewer than 100 employees according to the US House Committee on Small Business. Large corporations spend millions of dollars annually to secure their systems, and breaching them is not only time consuming and nearly impossible for cyber criminals, but also very expensive. So, more and more cyber-criminals are focusing on easier prey: small businesses who don’t have the means or experienced personnel to secure their data as readily as larger companies.

The Better Business Bureau reports that the average total cost of a cyber-security breach is $36,000 for a small business. That, along with the damage to their reputation, loss of consumer confidence, and the resulting impact on their business leads to 60% of small companies that are hacked closing their doors within six months.

At Access Technologies, we know the time and investment it takes to develop a great reputation. We also understand the importance of ensuring that your customers’ and your business’s information is secure. Your data is the most valuable asset you have! So we will work with you to mitigate your risk and bring you to the highest level of security required by your company.

Our Approach

  • Address Weaknesses: We use the Executive Summary from our Assessment to target, prioritize, and address trouble areas in your systems that leave you vulnerable to breaches.
  • Ensure Compliance: Whatever framework you are required to comply with, we will make sure your business meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. Those frameworks include:
    • NIST
    • ISO27001
    • PCI DSS
    • GLBA
    • FINRA
    • FFIEC
    • EU GDPR
  • Build Layered Defense: Following regulatory guidelines may ensure compliance but they do not necessarily offer system security. We build layers of defense that harden you against security attacks and motivate attackers to move on to easier prey!

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