Wireless Services

Access Technologies can install and manage all components of your wireless network, including infrastructure monitoring, alerting and reporting service.
Wireless Services Section

Our Wireless Services

From RF transport systems to turnkey wireless integration, Access Technologies can install and manage all components of your wireless network, including infrastructure monitoring, alerting, and reporting services. We can meet all your needs and guide you through the process, from procurement to installation.

Migrate and Upgrade
Depend on robust and reliable wireless microwave solutions covering frequencies from 100 MHz to 70 GHz – both licensed and unlicensed. Replace analog communication and make the switch to digital services for improved connectivity and enhanced data sharing.

Responsive Communication
Tap into the power SCADA and emergency response communications with our comprehensive migration solution. Ease communication during disasters, and allow end-users to acquire and process sensor data through their own centrally managed servers for optimized SCADA utilization. Centralize data collection and end-user access for secure, two-way communication 24/7.

Customize Access
Control user access, and enhance data security, with different levels of accessibility based on individual roles and responsibilities. Network administrators can change user access at a moment’s notice—worldwide.

Global Interaction
Communicate with staff, colleagues and clients in remote regions and distant locales with high-density Wi-Fi and performance broadband. When there’s the need for temporary or permanent “back haul” encrypted traffic, Access Technologies provides strategic planning and execution of Cellular Comprehensive Service Telemetry through Cellular Routers.

We know the systems, and provide a broad range of wireless services for small businesses, government, education, and utilities.

Small Businesses gain complete managed services, with an outsourced IT department that can reduce overhead, boost products, and improve productivity.

Education providers can implement long distance learning, and improve interdepartmental and campus-wide communications with wireless technology, digital signage, and comprehensive network infrastructure.

City, state, Tribal, and federal agencies increase physical security with access controls and video surveillance along with wireless services, data security and digital signage.

Utilities meet evolving NERC CIP requirements, while gaining expert support for data and SCADA communications.

Access Technologies is excited to engage every day with IT that can be applied to business, local government, public service, and beyond.

We are a provider of GE.

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