Communication Services

Encourage collaboration and provide greater flexibility with wireless technology and cloud computing for centralized data storage and accessibility.

comm services

Communication Services

Leverage the power and accessibility of video conferencing for virtual meetings, so that participants can communicate regardless of their physical location. Encourage collaboration, and provide greater flexibility, with wireless technology and cloud computing for centralized data storage and accessibility.

Stay Connected
Enable face-to-face communications and keep your team connected with seamless teleconferencing for point-to-point or multiparty meetings. Straightforward and fast,video conferencing allows every member of your team to participate, regardless of location. Plug-and-play ready, video conferencing enables collaboration with anyone in your organization, anytime, anywhere.

Expand Your Reach
Put your message in front of the right audience with the latest features in cutting-edge Digital Signage technology. Perfect for a variety of applications, from HR and safety information, to menu boards in restaurants, Digital Signage allows you to create, manage, and distribute focused electronic content to your targeted audience. Cost effective and attention-grabbing, Digital Signage will help you influence customer behavior and enhance the impact of your message on customers and employees. Expand your merchandising, advertising, and outreach, with the latest in Digital Signage technology from SCALA, a world leader in software for digital signage.

Take full advantage of an expandable and flexible business phone system with Vertical Wave IP and cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for cost-effective, unified communication. Integrate your computer and telephone systems, for a unified communication network able to handle basic telephony along with multi-media messaging, web-based administration, and computer integration (CTI) applications.

Flexible and expandable, cloud-based VoIP allows your organization to capitalize on all the advantages of internet communication, while also requiring smaller up-front costs and being responsive to new opportunities for growth. Centralized communication systems offer scalability, IP applications, and a range of feature-rich endpoints to help you optimize the potential of your phone system.

Access Technologies provides the latest in communications technology, with solutions that can be applied to business, local government, public service, education, and beyond.

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