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Our NED™ services offer cloud-based storage and infrastructure and customizable menu options for the monitoring, alerts, response and reporting that keeps your system functioning best.


Networking Engineering Department (NED)™ Services

At Access Technologies, we realize that solutions are not just about the technology. The expertise to manage that technology can be overwhelming to keep up with, particularly for SMBs (small and medium size businesses). That’s why we’ve built our own business to be able to offer each client what they need, through outsourcing to NED™, our Network Engineering Department. NED™ customizable services includes the management of these technology systems: Cloud Storage, IT Network Management, Data Backup, Desktop Support and Hosted Email, as well as Hosted Access Control and Hosted Video Surveillance.

Our NED™ services offer cloud-based storage and infrastructure and customizable menu options for the monitoring, alerts, response and reporting that keeps your system functioning best. Our highly trained technicians provide 24/7 services. For many organizations, we are an “outsourced IT Department”, allowing you to run your company without concern over staffing, training or security issues. This full spectrum IT+ network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services lets you count on NED as your organization’s cost-effective and comprehensive solution for the ongoing implementation, management, IT support, and maintenance of your technological infrastructure. NED provides around-the-clock support and alerting services by our trained professionals and managed services integration with any technology on any network.

NED Benefits For Your Business:

  • Proactive network monitoring to avoid downtime
  • Highly trained IT professionals with years of experience managing IT needs for organizations of all sizes
  • True 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics services
  • Network integration and optimization
  • Fully customizable services
  • Automation of routine IT tasks
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Backup and virtualization provides continuity to your business
  • Patch Management
  • Antivirus and Spam protection
  • Scalable and will grow with your business
  • NED Help Desk chat button can be installed on desktops to access support with the click of one button
  • Hardware maintenance and service included • More time to run your business and not your IT network
  • Minimized network downtime and optimized networks
  • Maximized employee and company productivity
  • Seamless implementation of more technologies into your network as your business grows
  • Risk management ensures that your business can continue to run even after a catastrophic event
  • Immediate Help Desk support keeps your employees productive
  • We will reliably keep your technology network infrastructure running and always available
  • Dependable and professional IT support service
  • Huge cost advantage over hiring in-house IT staff
  • Billed in 15 minute increments instead of the full hour, you are billed only for the time we work

The largest proportion of any organization’s IT budget is spent maintaining existing systems- 50-80% of budgets are estimated to be consumed by the ongoing maintenance of systems. Access Technologies understands that getting a complex system installed and working is only the first challenge. Over the life of the system, far more time will be spent checking it, updating it, and fixing problems. Most of this work is not complex, just mundane and time-consuming.

With a focus on continuous improvement and leveraging our investments across multiple clients, we can provide leading solutions – with service level agreements – at an affordable cost. Ask your Access Technologies representative about our NED™ managed services.


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