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Back in the day, morning announcements were made over loudspeakers in school classrooms, and messages were transmitted by telephones or physical notes. Loudspeakers, phones and paper are still with us, but today, Wi-Fi is the vehicle of choice for transmitting communications in schools and small businesses.

Access Technologies utilizes Extreme Networks and other services to provide connectivity throughout an entire school facility. Our connectivity solutions have the capacity for more than sufficient bandwidth provide complete network coverage – and handle hundreds, even thousands of students and teachers all accessing a single network simultaneously.

Access Technologies has extensive experience working with schools and businesses across the country. We have the experience and access to top-of-the-line products to bring the latest in Wi-Fi technology to schools or businesses of any size – from single office networks to large enterprise networks.

We offer complete network coverage. We also take the time to consider each client’s individual needs. Give us a call today. We’ll conduct a Wi-Fi survey of your school or business – and go from there.

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