Growing Security Threats

Are smart phones intelligent enough to hack into private servers and steal information? With the rise of the Internet of Things, all of us will control more and more of the functions of our homes, cars and even jobs with our smart phones. On the flip side, there’s always the threat of others being able to access the technology, passwords and bank account numbers stored inside our own devices.

Wired electronics are going to be able to share data with each other, and home systems like utilities and security are beginning to store passwords and payment information. Unfortunately, malicious software can copy data without leaving any tracks. The challenge Access Technologies is taking on is to block access to a wide range of interconnected devices in the business world.

IT departments and security departments have a lot of overlap now that the Internet of Things has expanded information sharing to so many devices. Physical security for homes and businesses often relies on video surveillance, which is now digital and susceptible to hacking. Access Technologies is in the business of helping companies enhance physical and technological security for a myriad of internet-ready devices.

Sensors and checkpoints are often used to monitor data flow and find problems. The machine can then automatically alert users, heading off a costly shutdown. This helps prevent discovery of a security problem too late, after sensitive material has already been compromised. IT departments and their consultants have developed these types of strategies to thwart the theft of sensitive material.

Data encryption is one way to prevent information theft, along with users creating robust passwords that are changed regularly. Physical security also protects data, and businesses have begun to realize that equipment should not be left unattended and that access to data should be monitored. It also helps immensely if the IT department creates data use policies for all employees and makes sure they are enforced.

Internal threats have to be considered as well, which is why the electronic monitoring of employees may prevent sabotage from within. In addition, it may be necessary to scan electronic equipment used by guests and employees to ensure security. Access Technologies has solutions to the threat of cyber-theft of information, and we have helped many companies to integrate their technology into the ever-growing Internet of Things.