How Ransomware Works

Ransomware is a type of malware that, like its name suggests, holds your computer’s files for “ransom”. There are different types of ransomware, they all work in different ways, but they all prevent you from using your computer normally. Ransomware can prohibit you from accessing your files and from running certain apps. If you’re affected by ransomware, you will be asked to provide money in order to recover your computer’s functionality. Although ransomware sounds threatening, you shouldn’t worry, because you can take steps to protect yourself. Access Technologies explains two common ways cybercriminals spread ransomware, and how you can avoid it!

Botnets are entire networks of computers that are controlled and instructed to do things they normally wouldn’t, such as attack other computers, send spam or phishing emails, and deliver ransomware. Don’t let your computer get recruited into a botnet. Never download attachments you never requested, never click on suspicious links, and make sure your antivirus is up-to-date. Ensuring your firewall is on is also helpful as it requires all applications seeking internet access to notify you, allowing you to control which programs have access to your computer.

Installation Files
Another way ransomware can be spread is through installation files. Often, installation files disguised as official software updates are really malware just waiting to encrypt your files. They can be advertised as updates for legitimate programs like Acrobat, Java, and Flash Player. As a rule, you should never download from a site that tells you software on your computer is outdated. Websites can’t detect outdated software unless you give a website permission to read your hard drive.

Staying on the offensive can help you protect your computer from malware, including ransomware. Access Technologies specializes in security solutions. Call Access Technologies today to ensure that your computer is secure.