Reliable City-Wide Video Surveillance from Access Technologies

As security experts will tell you, video surveillance systems are the platform to protect our most important investments. In our local communities, this means protecting citizens, government property, and monitoring remote installations. One such community, Las Cruces, New Mexico, recently reached out to Access Technologies, Inc. for assistance with their surveillance needs.


At issue: The City of Las Cruces was faced with a proliferation of dissimilar and standalone systems, setup by differing departments across the city of over 105,000 residents. The need was to bring all of these systems into a standardized and functional network, accessible by dozens of city departments and to minimize the number of devices that the city’s IT Department would need to maintain.

So, how do you standardize and bring together over 250 security cameras at swimming pools, libraries, microwave towers, police departments, and landfills—then connect those critical systems into microwave and fiber systems? Not an easy task. The simple answer is that Access Technologies and their expert technicians utilize reliable security solutions provided by their preferred vendor, March Networks. March Networks provides cloud-based remote viewing equipment that is completely scalable, without introducing additional IT support and hardware expenses.

Tim Gorman, Vice President of Access Technologies says, “the multiple and simultaneous users in the Las Cruces project presented one of the largest challenges. But, since the entire system is flexible and scalable, it allows Las Cruces IT Administrators to control data flow and bandwidth based on need and application.”

The system is functioning very well and, according to a recent article produced by March Networks, Las Cruces continues to grow the system and currently, plans are in the works for additional systems such as their waste-water treatment plant and senior center monitoring.

Gorman also noted, “I’m very pleased with our entire staff at Access Technologies. It is was very exciting to watch the Las Cruces installation unfold. ATI is well positioned to continue to grow with the City of Las Cruces—and other clients in the future.”