The Importance of Maintenance Contracts for Systems

Access Technologies provides advanced technological solutions for businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, and utilities. Each entity that we work with has different needs, and as systems become increasingly more complex, proper maintenance is critical. Customers need maintenance agreements in order to manage daily upkeep and avoid costly expenditures if repairs are ever needed. Here are some examples of solutions we offer and why maintenance contracts are vital to the upkeep of those systems.


Access Technologies works with utilities providers all over the country. The safety and security of gas pipeline systems requires real-time data from sensors. These sensors monitor the pressure and flow of natural gas. This data seamlessly integrates into SCADA master units for access and control. Access Technologies can monitor that system’s health across the entire network – searching for technical or mechanical issues in remote telemetry units before they become a point of failure.

Regardless of the make and model of your firewall, routine updates are a must. Firewall policies become outdated and need to be renewed. Servers that were published to the internet get deactivated and services are transferred to new servers. Firewall policies that are tied to inactive services are often not removed. The IP addresses of the decommissioned server will get reused on a new server, allowing those blocked websites and services to be accessed. Some business owners prefer to manage their own firewall, but frequent, routine updates often interfere with billable time and productivity. Leaving routine maintenance of your firewall to Access Technologies saves businesses time and money!

Access Controls
At Access Technologies, we understand that all businesses have assets that they need to protect. Not all employees require access to trade secrets or high security locations within your organization. That’s why we offer electronically programmed keys that allow you to control the locking and unlocking of doors at specific times. If needed, the keys can be completely blocked from use. Regular management and upkeep of the program used to control these keys and locks is required to quickly respond to security threats, deactivate keys that have been lost, or disable keys belonging to former employees. Having a maintenance contract that covers the upkeep of this system can save you time, as well as provide superior security for your organization.

Each of the systems discussed are complex and require periodic maintenance. The cost of unexpected service calls can put a strain on a business’s budget, but working with Access Technologies, you can rest assured that your system’s infrastructure will be regularly maintained and monitored. Obtaining a service contract to protect your technology takes routine management off your hands and in turn saves you money! The technology that’s so vital to your business will always be functioning properly with a maintenance contract!